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Digital Marketing
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Data-driven strategies, making use of new tools and processes to build and grow your business online. Boost your audience, increase revenue and customer engagement today.

Starting From - £995

Website development that will be the driver in your strategy to build your audiences, increase revenue & boost engagement to make your business stand out effectively online and provide value.

Starting From - £249

Nurturing your audience requires engaging content, so stay focused on your business whilst the Maccs team focus on the quality and design of the content you share and market online.

Starting From - £400

From occasions to corporate shoots, our talented team of photographers and videographers have over 15 years of collective experience in bringing your ideas to life through a lens.


Project Roadmap

Discovery Sprint

Rome wasn't built in a day. So in perspective, our consultants run a discovery sprint with you to outline the scope of each project. We use this to put together a bespoke, effective and accurate strategy to build on.

Strategy & Concept

Piecing together the most appropriate strategy for you is what we do best. We expect to put forward an accurate timeline, project plan & then begin creating the top-level concept based on the skills and processes required.

Design & Approval

Our skilled team will work internally to put together a first draft proposal of the concept. Whilst we persuade criticism and constructive feedback, the idea is to ensure we are in line with the project scope before we get the final piece approved.


We begin to bring everything together and ready the project for the final stage of the process. Allowing everything to go live, with the integration of any systems, processes and training involved to finally make the idea become the reality.



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