Digital Marketing?

Jordan Macintyre.

Digital Marketing,
Web Designer.

Digital Marketing plays a key role in growing a business these days which is why I'm here to take care of it.

I work with you and other digital creatives to piece together a working process that will build the foundation your business needs to grow.

Data drives the digital population so it would be silly not to take advantage of this and use it to build real results.

Web Design

Open source website development that will be the staple in your digital marketing ethos, where clients gain a first impression & where you can drive your business forward.

Digital Marketing

Data driven analytics can drive the right people to you and your business, using tools and creative design to take your brand to the next level.

Social Media

Stay connected to the online population of social media which, if used correctly can be used to promote your brand, products and allow you to interact your people.

Visual Branding

Your brand gives your clients a pillow to sleep with, knowing your services and skills are what they require. So lets build a brand with values to fall in love with.


Professionally shot, our photos serve an engaging purpose to your brand through the eyes of your audience.


Shine a light on your brand or products through captivating stories produced by our team of videographers.